Nursing School Recap

Freshman-Sophomore Year

USF Admission
The University of San Francisco was my #1 choice. I had a feeling that USF’s values and mission of “changing the world from here” would mold me into the nurse I needed to be for my patients.
Freshman 2
Because I was a transfer student, I spent my first semester at USF taking general education classes before my first semester of clinical. Since I had extra time, I spent it exploring the city, getting used to cooking consistently for myself lol, learning the crazy city bus system, getting a babysitting job, joining clubs, and volunteering. It didn’t take me long to get involved in the community at USF.
Sophomore 1
This was one of the best semesters ever. I always say I would repeat this semester if I could. It was the first time I got to wear white scrubs, learn how to use my stethoscope, and there were so many firsts that it was one of a kind semester.
Sophomore 2
Talk about a crazy stressful semester, but thank goodness for my support system. I felt there was a steep learning curve because our test questions became clinical application style questions. The famous your answer is right, but not right enough type of questions. We also had an assessment test called HESI that we needed to pass to continue in the program. I got a little nugget of wisdom from my dad this semester that I carried with me the rest of nursing school, ” you haven’t failed a test before, so why would you start now?” I chanted that through each test in nursing school after that, and thankfully I passed HESI.

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