New Grad Job Hunt

Keeping calm through it all by…

  • Staying Organized
    • Spreadsheet of pediatric new grad programs with important information such as when an application opens
    • Folders for each organization I am applying to include:
      • Resume
      • Cover letter
      • Information about the specific hospital
    • Word docs with information I can copy & paste into an application
      • One includes information usually asked on the application about work experience including contact information for supervisors, addresses, so it’s super easy to copy & paste
      • Another includes info about all my licenses & certifications, so it’s easy to enter information about them like license #, expiration date, etc
  • Being Resourceful
    • Reaching out, asking my friends, family, and other people who’ve been in my position for advice
      • It might be nerve-racking at first, but I’ve only gotten positive feedback
        • Shoutout to my amazing support system
    • Career Services at my university has been a huge help
      • My resume, cover letter, & interview skills have greatly benefited from their advice
    • Websites to follow
      • They have a ton of new grad programs posted on here from all around the U.S, super helpful if you are starting to look at new grad programs in your area
      • Believe it or not, I’m using FB & here’s how. I follow a bunch of New Grad Facebook groups where people ask questions and post resources all of the time. When I didn’t know a thing about applying to jobs as a new grad, I got a lot of my information from these groups
      • Honestly, this app has been a lifesaver when it comes to quickly checking for errors in my writing. SO helpful
  • Practicing Self- Care
    • Facemasks, trips to Lush Cosmetics, spending time with family, playing tennis, and more
    • Self-care means to me that I do what is best for me
    • Today it was cleaning my room, oh my gosh, believe me when I say the laundry pile was out of this world
  • Believing in myself
    • My dream is to be a pediatric nurse, and I keep telling myself that what is meant for me will be

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