RN New Grad Residency Spreadsheets

I have gotten a couple of requests on my Instagram Account @thenurserah https://www.instagram.com/thenurserah/ to share the residency program spreadsheets I have been using to find new grad programs in California. It’s hard as a new grad to know how much opportunity there is out there, but there are seriously a lot of hospitals in California with new grad residency programs.

Which programs you apply to depends on a variety of factors. I would use the spreadsheets as a way to organize which new grad programs you are interested in. For example, I would select a hospital I was interested in and go directly to that hospital’s website to learn more about their new grad program. The hospital’s website is the gold standard for accurate information. When researching, I would look for key details like when the program opens, what the requirements are, etc. and I would organize this information in my Residency Template that I am sharing with you.

thenurserah Residency Template

The first excel sheet, thenurserah Residency Template, is a template I made when I was applying to new grad programs. Since it is a template, you’ll be able to fill out the information for the specific new grad programs you are interested in. I also included a check-off list in the template of items most often required in your application packet. Your application packet essentially becomes your portfolio when you go in for your interviews. Your application packet should include: Your resume, Cover Letter, Letter of Recommendations, and Licenses/Certifications/Special Projects. I included unofficial transcripts on the checklist because these are usually a required document in the application process, so it’s helpful to have them. However, it may not be necessary to include them in your portfolio. Also, the work experience doc & the licenses/certifications doc on the check-off list are word documents you can make so that the information is ready to plug into applications, they are not for your portfolio.

California Residency Programs 60 Total
CA Residency Programs Separated by Health System

The last two excel sheets I didn’t make myself. Two wonderful people on a Facebook group that I follow posted them online. The Facebook group I follow is called RNInterview Tools; before I knew anything about new grad programs, I got a lot of my information from this page. The excel sheets below are filled with tons of new grad programs. Filter through them and start adding the ones you select onto your spreadsheet. Make sure you do your research on the hospital website as well. I wish you all the best in your search for a new grad program!

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New Grad Job Hunt

Keeping calm through it all by…

  • Staying Organized
    • Spreadsheet of pediatric new grad programs with important information such as when an application opens
    • Folders for each organization I am applying to include:
      • Resume
      • Cover letter
      • Information about the specific hospital
    • Word docs with information I can copy & paste into an application
      • One includes information usually asked on the application about work experience including contact information for supervisors, addresses, so it’s super easy to copy & paste
      • Another includes info about all my licenses & certifications, so it’s easy to enter information about them like license #, expiration date, etc
  • Being Resourceful
    • Reaching out, asking my friends, family, and other people who’ve been in my position for advice
      • It might be nerve-racking at first, but I’ve only gotten positive feedback
        • Shoutout to my amazing support system
    • Career Services at my university has been a huge help
      • My resume, cover letter, & interview skills have greatly benefited from their advice
    • Websites to follow
      • newgradnursehelp.com They have a ton of new grad programs posted on here from all around the U.S, super helpful if you are starting to look at new grad programs in your area
      • Facebook.com Believe it or not, I’m using FB & here’s how. I follow a bunch of New Grad Facebook groups where people ask questions and post resources all of the time. When I didn’t know a thing about applying to jobs as a new grad, I got a lot of my information from these groups
      • Grammarly.com Honestly, this app has been a lifesaver when it comes to quickly checking for errors in my writing. SO helpful
  • Practicing Self- Care
    • Facemasks, trips to Lush Cosmetics, spending time with family, playing tennis, and more
    • Self-care means to me that I do what is best for me
    • Today it was cleaning my room, oh my gosh, believe me when I say the laundry pile was out of this world
  • Believing in myself
    • My dream is to be a pediatric nurse, and I keep telling myself that what is meant for me will be