Trip to Cucu’s (sho-sho)

I visited my “cucu’s” or grandma’s place in Kamahindu, Kenya. It was green, lush, and FULL of LIFE. Cucu couldn’t stop dancing once she saw us; she is amazing, and I feel very blessed to have spent time with her.

My grandma’s back yard is a valley filled with thousands of tea leaves. It was unforgettable scenery! While we were at the tea plantation, my Dad taught me how to pluck tea. The big idea is you pluck the stem, leaving two leaves and the bird. The bird is the budding of the next tea leaf at the top of the stem.

After the tea plantation, we visited land that my Dad and his siblings inherited. Despite the gloomy weather, my family and I trekked down the valley. To my surprise there was a large variety of vegetables such as Cabbage, Kale, and Potatoes. However, the most exciting thing was PURPLE TEA!

Btw my mom says I must tell you the nutritional value of purple tea: RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS.

Soon I will be sharing about my adventures at the Giraffe Center, and Mamba Village (which is home to many crocodiles).

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